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PREMIERE : No Boy – “Ferviente” [HiedraH]

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NO BOY - REDENCIÓN HiedraH Couvre x ChefsNo Boy – “Redención”. Artwork © Jusomor


No Boy is a young producer from the Mexico City area. Author of various bootleg packs since 2017, No Boy has also participated in the compilations of our colleagues from HTS, and very interesting Mexican club music collectives T.A.U and Hypersonics. The No Boy bootlegs are definitely influenced by Latino rhythms, notably the Reggaeton, which he uses to use rhythm or accapellas to combine them with club music sounds. An often dark atmosphere emerges from the pieces, thus taking the counterpart of the original tone of the songs used, thus clarifying the musical identity of the Mexican producer. A work that is not without evoking that of Santa Muerte or the Pirata compilations of NAAFI.


no boy redencion hiedrah couvre x chefs


“Redención”, No Boy’s Club Pack for HiedraH

For this new release, No Boy has put together three tracks in the form of a Club Pack for the collective and Argentinian label HiedraH Club de Baile. Since 2017 and the official launch of their label, HiedraH regularly releases new editions of its Club Packs. We can already find packs signed Moro, Aggromance, Funeral or Alpha S. February 19 will release the Club Pack directed by No Boy: “Redención”.

The final version of the pack has changed drastically compared to what I planned at the beginning. The pieces are ultimately more introspective than dancing, perhaps it is a reflection of the stage of reflection and emotional anxiety that I went through during the composition of it. No Boy

No Boy told us about Redención. By way of introduction, you can already listen to the title Ferviente below.

No Boy’s Club Pack “Redención” will be available on Feb. 19th via HiedraH Club de Baile.




no boy Redención club pack hiedrah couvre x chefs


No Boy: interview (Versión en español más abajo)

Who are you, where do you come from and what are you doing?

I am an engineer (or almost) computer systems passionate about music since I was a kid. I decided to get into music production only a few years ago, which resulted in my series of bootlegs. I currently live in the suburbs of Mexico City.

Do you work with a collective/label?

Not currently, but I have collaborated on compilations for labels such as HTS, T.A.U and Hypersonics.

How would you define your music?

Although I only have a few songs, I could define my sound as a synergy of ambient ambiences and percussions typical of Latinx rhythms, mainly reggaeton.

What are your influences?

Currently, my favourite producers are Abssys, Blasta Masta, SANTA NIÑA and Conejx.

How did you start working with HiedraH? What did you like about their work and who made you want to collaborate with them?

I was lucky that Nahuel [co-founder of HiedraH, Ed] is interested in my first bootlegs and asked me to broadcast them on his Radio La República program, then he proposed to work on a Club Pack for them.

Seeing the quality of the producers who are part of the family, it was a dream come true: to be able to work with such talented and affable people.

Tell us a bit about the Club Pack you produced for HiedraH.

The final version of the pack has changed dramatically from what you originally planned. I think the last tracks are more introspective than danceable, perhaps because of the reflexive chapter and the emotional anxiety I experienced in producing them.

What are your project plans?

Soon the fifth edition of my pack of bootlegs, a montage that I did for Putivuelta (thanks to Ynfynyt Scroll for the invitation). And I hope that in the coming months, free the waste of Redemption with some remixes in another mini-album.


no boy Redención club pack hiedrah couvre x chefs


No Boy : entrevista

Quién eres, de donde eres o donde vives y qué haces?

Soy un (casi) Ingeniero en Sistemas Computacionales con una enorme pasión por la música desde pequeño. Decidí incursionar en la producción musical apenas hace un par de años, dando como resultado mi serie de bootlegs. Vivo actualmente en la periferia de la Ciudad de México.

Trabajas con algún colectivo/sello?

Actualmente no, pero he colaborado en compilados para sellos como HTS, T.A.U e Hypersonics.

Cómo definirías tu sonido?

Pese a que apenas tengo unos cuantos tracks de mi autoría, podría definir mi sonido como una sinergia de atmósferas ambient y percusiones propias de ritmos latinxs, principalmente reggaeton.

Cuales son tus influencias?

Mis productores nacionales favoritos actualmente son Abssys, Blasta Masta, SANTA NIÑA y Conejx.

Como llegaste a trabajar con HiedraH? Qué te gustó en su trabajo que te diera ganas de sacar algo con ellos?

Tuve la fortuna de que Nahuel se interesara en mis primeros bootlegs y me pidiese unos cuantos para transmitirlos en su programa de Radio La República y posteriormente me ofreciera trabajar en un Club Pack para ellos.

Viendo la calidad de productores que forman parte de la familia, fue un sueño realizado poder trabajar con gente tan talentosa y afable.

Cuéntanos un poco del Club Pack que produjiste para HiedraH.

La versión final del pack cambió de forma radical con respecto a lo que planee en un comienzo. Considero que los tracks finales son más introspectivos que bailables, quizá como consecuencia del capítulo reflexivo y de ansiedad emocional por el que atravesé mientras los producía.

Qué más se viene para ti?

Proximamente la quinta edición de mi pack de bootlegs, un edit que hice para Putivuelta (gracias a Ynfynyt Scroll por la invitación). Y espero en estos próximos meses, liberar los descartes de Redención junto con unos remixes en otro mini-álbum.

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