Our compilation “Plage Club Vol. 1” played on Rinse France

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On the occasion of the release of our first compilation, Plage Club Vol. 1, we were on Rinse France for a 2 hours long DJ set. The opportunity to play all the titles of the compilation and contextualize them in the sets of Scarlett, BJF and Philou CxC.

Scarlett (0:00 – 0:42)

Steve Reich – Music for 18 musicians
Above and beyond – Rotations
Nine Inch nails – Beside you in time
Forest Drive West – Bloc Nine
Djoser – Wera
Circuit 900 – Deltaic Regions
Scarlett – Sad Child [forth. CxC « Plage Club Vol. 1 »]
Galtier – Jewel
Pl4net Dust – Drama
Cash From Hash – Emergency Exit
Branko – Atlas Move Up
Unveld – The Seventh Eyee
Yoko Kanno – The Vision of Escaflown
Tony Quattro – Agigato
Aasco – Tribal Basics
Scarlett – Mayan Child
NAAFI Allstar ft L-Vis 1990 – Noticia
Scarlett – Orbital Concerto Mvt .5
Ludacris cover – Sex Room (bedroom version)
Oshun – untilted track

Philou CxC (0:42 – 1:20)

Bad Bunny – NI BIEN NI MAL (Dom Mariachi & Shavozo Remix)
Puta Final Feliz – Ay Perico [Caballito]
JuL X Cue-Tek (Amor Satyr edit)
Precolumbian & Estoc – CCT01 [Apocalipsis]
TAYHANA x Lechuga Zafiro – Condenada [Encuentros Furtivos]
El Irreal Veintiuno – Maaaaaasev [Hypersonics]
El Irreal Veintiuno – Yuto Nahua [Subreal]
Dj Syztem@ – Leyenda Azteca (Nahúatl) Prehipánic Drums
Resla – Ambivalente
Pobvio, Lila Tirando a Violeta, El Plvybxy & Rattlesnake – Mata Tool
Taso x Siete Catorce – 2 for 20 [NAAFI]
Lao – Meged [forth. CxC “Plage Club Vol. 1”]
D.O.K – 06 [Oil Gang]
Lil Crack – On The Nature Of Daylight Angel [forth. CxC “Plage Club Vol. 1”]
Radeco Domar – Mirada Profunda
Deltatron – Habiba Dyali [forth. Plage Club Vol. 1]
Lechuga Zafiro – Sudor En Vapor
Funeral – Festividad (Zutzut remix) [Salviatek]
RougeHotel – Ultime Crusade [forth. CxC “Plage Club Vol. 1”]

BJF (1:20 – 2:02)

Mstk – Dale
Mxshi Mo – Orphans [More Time]
BJF – ? [Unreleased]
LaBok – Hell On Wheels [forth. CxC “Plage Club Vol. 1”]
Kaval – Cursed Flute [Argent Sale]
Aquiles Orquídea – Fuegote Intenso
CHLO – Alerta [AGVA]
Mistareez – Muscle Memory (BJF Edit)
Fearz – Tormento [Street Dreamz]
BJF – Impact [forth. CxC “Plage Club Vol. 1”]
VHOOR & kLap – Maluka [INVDRS]
Sebastien Forrester – Salvo [Afraa Productions]
Ozwald – Raspberry Flutes [Roska Kicks & Snares]
Florentino – Latigo [Mixpak]
WRACK – Drop It Down X Birthday
lym. – Disforme [BRUK]
Tory Lanez – Broke Leg (BJF Edit)
Wrack – Espada [NAAFI]
Wristboi – 2 Tha Ground [Stay Tropical]
Epic B – Vampire Riddim [Merci Jitter]
King Doudou – Perreo Android [forth. CxC “Plage Club Vol. 1”]
Tom Thomson X Huisman – CHOIR
RSH X El Parreo – SuaveSam Tiba – Eldorado (LaBok Edit)

Konga Konga B2B Labok chez Radio Belleville

Mid-October, it was at Radio Belleville that we went to present the compilation. For the occasion, Konga Konga and Labok (present on the comp) went B2B for an hour:

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