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Dee Paper joins Chiguiro Records with “Get it!”, a deeply intense 2-step debut single made in Chile

Behind Dee Paper is the artist José Manuel Cerda. Between 2006 and 2016, the producer shone on the Chilean underground scene behind the name El Sueño de la Casa Propia. With three albums under his belt, ESDLCP has distinguished himself by his ability to merge global rhythms and electronica, cutting vocal samples to bring a unique melancholy and a futuristic groove to his song. Between 2017 and 2023, he moved away from stereotypes and experimented with jazz and minimalist music with his project Bruxista. 2024 is the beginning of a new era for José Manuel, who joins the French label Chiguiro Records to show his new identity: Dee Paper. CxC offers the world premiere of “Get It!”, an explosive UK garage single with a radiant melody, faithful to his musical personality. Interview.

Is El Sueño de la Casa Propia over?

ESDLCP has been on hiatus for years; I only released singles when asked, but it’s a phase I’ve moved past. My personal and musical context has changed a lot since I started in music. My motivations today are different!

What did you learn from those 10 years of experimentation?

Oh, a lot! I’m self-taught in both music and technical aspects, so everything I’ve tackled as a producer has been a big game of trial and error. Only in 2024, I am starting to feel more confident as a producer. It’s difficult to be a musician in a small South American country where the market isn’t big enough to sustain careers. Everything you undertake is a survival odyssey.

After this project, you became Bruxista. Why did you change your name and what was this project about?

At some point, I felt that ESDLCP no longer fully represented me, and I wanted to return to my more experimental influences, move away from indigenous sounds, and get closer to rhythmic experimentation, jazz, and electronic improvisation. I plan to release new material soon.

2024 sounds like a fresh turn with Dee Paper. Where does this name come from?

The name comes from an anecdote from my teenage years. Back then, we used to laugh a lot at the old hippies in my neighbourhood who called Deep Purple “Dee Paper.” Chileans are not good with English.

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Dee Paper

Can we talk about a new beginning or is it more likely a rebirth?

A new identity. I’m shy when it comes to tackling danceable rhythms because I’ve always been afraid of clichés, but this time I don’t care as much. It’s an exercise in freedom.

What kind of freshness a Latin American producer like you can bring to this UK garage scene?

I’ve always had a close connection with British electronic music. Here in Chile, due to historical reasons, there’s more affinity with German techno, but it never fully convinced me. In my beginnings, labels like Warp and Ninja Tune, styles like Drum & Bass and Trip Hop, and musicians like Four Tet were a big influence. Dee Paper mixes elements of 2 Step and IDM with the melodic warmth that characterizes all my projects, personal recycling in a global key.

Tell me more about the song “Get It!”. It’s very powerful and melancholic. What was your state of mind when you composed it, and what did you listen to at that time, that may have influenced you?

I generally produce music with a technical perspective from which different emotions then emerge. With « Get It! », I wanted to effectively capture a direct rhythm with the simplest possible harmonies where the voice served the beats. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of new wave, punk, future garage, and modern UKG.

Can we expect a full EP in the near future? If so, how will it sound like?

I’m already working on the EP that I hope will be released before the end of the year. How will it sound? It will sound loud! Restless beats, simple but powerful melodies, and a lot of emotion.

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