couvre x tape 34 kojikoji
couvre x tape 34 kojikoji

Couvre x Tape #34 – Kojikoji

The brand new episode of our Couvre x Tapes guestmix series comes from Japanese producer Kojikoji.

The Tokyo based DJ runs the Demian project which is a 360-degree concept which covers music, clothing, photography, graphic design and music. With Demian, Kojikoji curates à fantastic mix series called Fetishism in which we can find mixes from talented Club producers from around the globe such as Pobvio, Wulffluw XCIV, Rafa Maya, P6R6R6K or Blaise Deville.

He’s also a member of the party crew Chemical Monsters alongside Wrack.

As a DJ, Kojikoji has signed mixes for international niches labels as Jerome, Salviatek, AGVA and radios like Internet Public Radio among others.

1960SFE – Intro
Ozwald – Lord Of The Buss
Syn – Data Dust
SNØW – Huski Riddim
Mansa 91 – Sim
Tayhana – Coytada (Remix)
Ozwald – Sex Drum
Doubt & Tension – Steam Cycle
Amor Satyr – Bota Na X
Ynfynyt Scroll – Bad Bubbling
THEY-RA – Cave Drums
Jubilee – Liquid Liner
Jaymie Silk – Herbal (Raito Remix)
EL PLVYBXY – Los Caballeros del Jaguar
Van boom – DREDD (AN System Remix)
Yikii – 花之憂鬱