andrea 25000 djtb besançon rhytmique club couvre x chefs
andrea 25000 djtb besançon rhytmique club couvre x chefs

PREMIERE : Andréa 25000 & DJTB – Marseillais (Velodrum Mix) (Besançon Rythmique Club)

The elusive producer Andréa 25000 is coming back to the French eastern label Besançon Rhytmique Club for a joint EP with DJTB which blends autotune vocals, dub techno, rushy bass music, and textured IDM resulting in their most ecstatic project to date

As you can see through our redactional duties, it is obvious that we are genuinely appreciating all music coming from the Besançon Rythmique Club sound lab, which is developing one of the most risk-taking catalog of recent French electronics and could not be stuck in any categorization. Releasing two bold and wide range VA compilations in the last few months only, showing an accurate taste for cybernetic 3D visual aesthetics as much as a desire to expand a sound signature that doesn’t fit in any stoic describing, BRC peeps are building their own talent roster made of up-to-come talents as Nadsy.i or Cyberiaaa and more established club music sculptors from the likes of Xiao Quan, Von Riu, or João Lágrima de Ouro. They are now back to us with another gently crafted and sonically exigent four-tracker from the enigmatic Andréa 25000, who is joining DJTB for a snake-charming batch of textured bits which blends dub techno, downtempo, intricate rhythm tailoring, and even Speed Dembow flavors.

Backed with less sci-fi imagery than the previous label’s output, the pair is drawing a plurality of electronic canvases that defies style appreciation, under the name of Assis-Là (french for « sat there »). On « Saint-Léger », the duo is experimenting a some IDM drum programming and vocal painting in the pure essence of Ilian Tape resident Stenny. Then goes « La Fin d’un Monde » (« the End of One World ») on which they show their capacity to bring a dub techno ambiance rooted in the tradition of genre veterans Basic Channel or Porter Ricks. The opening title track « Assis-Là » is one pure candy of a downtempo song where autotune french speaking vocals are enriched with a pretty minimalistic drum line and aerial synths, as their personal take on DJ Python’s revered Deep Reggeaton blending but with an actual pop sensibility. The project sounds as exploratory as it was meant for an audience that doesn’t want to be fed by only one range of sound work and opens the possibilities of a hydra-shaped club signature on its own.

Listen to the first extract of the Assis-Là EP untitled « Marseillais (Vélodrum Mix) » above the present article. A furiously rushing syncopated club anthem built around Marseille’s Olympic soccer choral chants and industrial handclaps, with a gut-smashing wobble bassline and front kick energy. At some point, the producing duo ends up with some Speed Dembow rhythmic line that reminds Amor Satyr and Siu Mata eponym series and then comes back to a halftime warrior dubstep arrangement. Bonkers challenge accepted!

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