Lowlands Ozferti Couvre x Chefs
Lowlands Ozferti Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE : Ozferti – Unknown Traveler (Nubia Nova Records)

Virtuoso French producer and Afro Bass explorer Ozferti surprises with a new cross-over EP of blended electronic rhythms and traditional Ethiopian music influences, out soon on his own Nubia Nova Records

In the nebula of artists trying to link the heritage of Western club sounds with roots and traditions of the Black Atlantic continuum, few have pushed things that far, musically speaking, than the French producer and live artist Florian Doucet aka Ozferti. We are now witnessing the man reinforcing himself as a central figure of this exciting and ever renewed Afro sound system mixture, after a series of memorable tracks and remixes for the Paris-based house of the genre Mawimbi Records, besides his self-released outputs. On this new LOWLANDS, Doucet plays mainly with recordings made from Ethiopia’s Masengo lute, vocals, flutes and percussion motifs, to which he adds a load of rushy UK Bass patterns, using modern synth arrangements as well as a futuristic sound design that aims anybody to dance their asses off. Not restraining to any genre appreciation, this project moves softly from Dubstep to Grime vibes, even juggling with 2step rhythms on the ending track « Lost Connections ». With the title track « Low Lands » or the galactic « Azmari 20001 », Ozferti challenges his mastering production style of Dubstep with Ethiopian vocals and traditional instruments orchestration which reminds works from veteran cross-over artists like Mala on his now legendary 2012 LP Mala In Cuba or Italians Khalab and Clap! Clap! with their drilling Afro Juke style.

LOWLANDS is another proof of the French artist constantly paying tribute to Ethiopia’s ancestral sounds, musical traditions for which he has been passionate for many years, endlessly trying to reinvent its melodies and original sonic essence by blending it with his forward-thinking rhythmic skills. Beyond that, Ozferti feels completely embodied with all the spiritual charge contained in the Eastern African sound, as he puts himself to underline this project: « 

[LOWLANDS] is more than just music; it’s a gateway to a world where science fiction and tradition collide, inviting listeners on a journey of imagination. »


You can now listen to the track « Unknown Traveler » above the present article, where Ozferti makes Ethiopian flutes samples colliding with a killer syncopated Bass Music groove, to which he adds rushy vocal stabs and dramatic horns that are also reminding Gqom influences from the likes of DJ Lag. Head banging much?

Pre-order LOWLANDS EP by Ozferti on Bandcamp, out on Nubia Nova Records on May 17th.