BJF - Iridescent Couvre x Chefs
BJF - Iridescent Couvre x Chefs

BJF | Iridescent [CxC003]

Iridescent is the long-awaited debut EP of Parisian DJ and producer BJF. It follows the three successful Bootlegs & Edit packs released between 2017 and 2019.

Jamuna is a race into an animated wood where some birds are peacefully whistling, among other unidentified species, until a Japanese shakuhachi flute resounds like an alarm to announce the arrival of a stomping wild pack of drums. Fury deconstructs the original tamborzão loop from the Roland R-8 MK-II into a UK funky rhythm, supported by congas and heavy brass. Mouvement blends several Brazilian funk samples with a grime synth lead. The voice sounds like a priest praying for the drop to come.


Music written and produced by BJF
Visuals: BJF
Mastering: Qant
© ℗ Couvre x Chefs 2020