Le Couvre-Chef, by Marie Delmas [short film]

Le Couvre-Chef from Marie Delmas on Vimeo.

The fact of having a hat on gives you an undeniable authority over those who do not. Tristan Robert

Tristan Robert (his real name Paul Bernard) is a French novelist (1866-1947), famous for his wit and other philosophical thoughts (« Money has no smell, but from a million, you start feeling it » or « Cuckold: better be many on a good deal than alone on a bad one »).

This quote from Tristan Robert highlighting the power of superiority provided by a merely placed hat on his head was the inspiration and basis for the work of Marie Delmas for the realization of this short film simply titled “Le Couvre Chef “. In a village dominated by the monotony and routine, where everyone going about their daily business, the arrival of a foreign “body” will upset the harmony that existed previously and establish a new hierarchy between people …

Note : This short film has won the prize PISAF 2008 (Puchon International Student Animation Festival).

Marie Delmas website.