Bruitages dorés – dÉbruit [EP + Video music]

At Couvre x Chefs we didn’t tell you enough about this guy dÉbruit, which we’ve been following for some time.

Actually, his recent releases give us the opportunity to catch this lack up.

After the release of his last LP From The Horizon, last june at Civil Music (available here), this guy we discovered thanks to his first beats on Musique Large (Coupé-Décalé LP and Clé de Bras EP) recently offered us a bonus of this last LP by the publication of From The Horizon Remixed (Civil Music, 2012, available right there). On this short (4 tracks) but high-quality EP, his friends Fulgeance, Kelpe (our new Couvre-favorite), LV, and Mwëslee pushed-on their vision upon work of the French (hell yeah) beatmaker.

Last but not least, dÉbruit, as a musical-trotter, collaborated with Rainbowmonkey to illustrate his Africanized song Cuivrée (same LP), video is at the top of the article. You may notice that Rainbowmonkey actually also is the autor of the fantastic 3D illustration of this LP and the three EP of dÉbruit, released on Civil Music (ŞiŞ Sürpriz, Spatio Temporel, Let’s Post Funk). Anyway, From The Horizon artwork is nominated as one of the coolest artwork of the year here here, be nice and support it !

By the way, when you order the great object that the vinyl is, Civil Music gave you the .mp3 as a free download, and this is really cool. So go enhance your iTunes and your disc box quickly !