Franssouax Næja BJF ALG
Franssouax Næja BJF ALG

29.04.22 | Couvre x Chefs: Franssouax, Næja, BJF (L’Alimentation Générale)

Back at L’Alimentation Générale (ALG), we are pleased to welcome the very active Franssouax. Based in Paris, Franssouax explores club music in all its nooks and crannies and delivers sets that effectively blend the mainstream and underground.

As for the CxC crew, after his missile “I’m into NFT (Nice Feet and Toes)” present on our last compilation, Næja will sign his first date at the ALG since 2019. BJF, whose “Tu Tu Tu” continues to be played all over the world, needs no introduction.

Line-up :


Infos :

Vendredi 29 avril⁠
23h – 5h⁠⁠⁠
10€ (+1 conso avant 2h)
L’Alimentation Générale, 64 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris