Anything But Noise #1 [contest]

Things are happening in Nancy, and pretty well ! Indeed, you might have noticed, a new party is coming up : Anything But Noise. The aim of this party is to propose, in a fun way, a load of quality artists from hip hop, electronic… and obviously (we wish to them), to impose themselves in your regular agenda.

And like one good news never comes alone, Couvre x Chefs as the honnor of being cohosting this party !

This is why we are proposing two tickets for the first event that will take place on Saturday the 28th of January, at l’Autre Canal ! It’s simple, all you need to to is send a couvre-picture to before the 25th of January at 1 in the morning, and we will choose the two coolest pictures. They will be published on the blog and you will receive the ticket directly home.

Just to remember the concept of Couvre-picture : You show us your vision of couvre-chef, how you wear it, where you wear it, with who… it’s quite easy, and free (check on the Tumblr the pictures allready posted).

So for this first party, ABN invites the Qhuit crew for a Qhuit Partizzz (big up to those who were there the 27th of March 2009 at Quai’son, to the Ruff Draft team and to Graphik Zoo). Triptik is back, back in the game, and also the talented A2H, and you must know Artik and Dasuun that we talked about for a while in a chronical in october for the release of “Soyez sympa écouter le remixxx” (“Be kind listen to the remixxx”) !

Oh and by the way, the party is matched with a private sale organised by My Monkey at 15 rue du Faubourg des 3 maisons, where you will be able to by stuff from Qhuit and Poyz n Pirlz !

The details of the event here : Party, Private Sale, Anything But Noise.

Nancein, we’re counting on you, get your team together and go party the hell out at l’Autre Canal !