ARTIK, “Soyez sympas écoutez le remixxx” [mixtape]

Came out last winter, the most anticipated mixtape, “Soyez Sympas Téléchargez” (“Be Kind, Download it”), from precise and technique MC Artik. The EOW (End Of the Weak) champion as indeed droped a 16 track bomb, all free and still downloadable, thanks to the great webzine Stereotreehere.

On this tape, the MC raps, throws some tasty punchlines, but also produces a good part of the instrumentales. Again, Artik takes back with quite some ease very know instrumentales (Kanye West, Slum Village, Outkast…). Well with him, we can find Ripklaw the homeboy,Tayreeb the beatmaker (both on True Flav Records) the XLRz Crew, the versatile Philemon, the inevitable Driver… and on general mix of the tape, le Very Stronger Crew.

Then, Artik published “Soyez sympas remixez” (‘Be kind, remix’), an acapella version of “Soyez sympas téléchargez” where the MC invited people to revisit his mixtape.

We could already hear a snippet of “Soyez sympas téléchargez”, on the Trueflavers #1 tape, realised by the very talented Every Dayz, who gave us the need to hear more …

And that was done ! Because today comes out a completely remixed version of the mixtape, completely revisited by beatmaker Dasuun (from XLRz), totally free, here.

Again, Artik x Dasuun gives to you 4 intrusmentale versions, just to make you believe as if you were “in the featuring”.

We won’t say that Artik didn’t tell us, it’s “unmissable like your last train !”

As we known, this MC is a polyvalent artist. And we can fin again his versatility in his iPhone Session recently published. In fact, in this Session, Artik writes, raps, films and publishes it like a videoclip, in less than 4h, thanks to his Iphone ! We can find an great article in Le Monde’s blog, here.

And for once, this year we’re waiting a lot from winter, because i twill be the release of “Soyez sympas téléchargez vol . II !

Big love for this track : the “Eclipse” Remix.

Download “Soyez sympas écoutez le remixxx”.