ARTIK – Soyez Sympas Téléchargez 2 (Be kind, download it, 2) [mixtape]

Good beginning for the awaited sequel from sir Artik. Indeed, once skipped, the brief but efficient intro from Very Stronger Crew, it’s the cinematographer (or not because it’s not movies but our lives that we rap about) and the heavily punch lining Black Swan that opens the bal. Collection of metaphors, subtle references or comparing without any connections but where finally the style works without having to explain it, all you need is to listen (Protect ya neck, like Wu’, Karl Lagerfeld). The MC’s feather seems to be even better than on the first volume.

We could analyze each punch line, each figure of style, but with the French bac results coming in, we’re going to tip the National Education Ministry with these texts next year.

On the guest side, we find again Driver (already on vol.I) following Artik on Warning where he persists and signs on the art of the refrain, let’s point that out. We love the reference to the X-Men (or maybe to the more recent track from Ahmad ?) On my polo, your bullets stain my logo. Let’s also point out the faint attempt to auto-cite (style in which Booba is the best) at the end of Warning I’m the second white thing after your s… no I already did that.

Philemon on Honnête is remarkable, a pleasure to discover new measures written and declined on this flow so particular, from the usual End Of The Weak.

Then comes Stress, track already known from its eclipsed release (the cinematographic reference is still here) a few weeks ago that we talked about here (the ones who pay attention have noticed the premises of this track is the iPhone Session of Artik). Stress and Honnête show a certain pause of rhythms after the avalanches of punch lines and ego trips from the tracks just before. The tracks unveil a new side to the MC, found in Éclipse in vol.I.

The rookie Alpha WannEnz and A2H are here also on respectively Respecte ÇaMove and Développe (a retake of Bundle Up from The Cool Kids)

Gide, from Diaspo Camp (with a recent release on Noircity) and Jango Jack team uo with Artik on the last two tracks of the tape.

As for the beats, heavy is the word for the production from Dasuun on Danger. The beat maker in question had already remixed entirely Soyez sympas téléchargez vol.I (Be Kind Download vol.I), that we detailed here. By the way, Artik finally cracks and auto cites. Tayreed give us another two productions from his amazing catalogue. Whereas Blu Djinns adds another different style to Honnête.

Well mixed by VSCSST2 (BKD2) is an intense ride full of new original tracks from Artik and his guests, and other freestyles on already know beats. A decent follow up to the first tape!

Our only regrets go to the absence of other members of the crew The Coolege like the dude Wilow Amsgood (Artik was already on his ep Marchand de Rêves that came out last year), or a prod from Digikid 84 that would of brought another depth, full of electronics, to the amazing productions on Artik’s tape.

But anyway, who knows, maybe there will be a Soyez sympas téléchargez le remix 2 (Be Kind Listen the remix 2) no?

Download the tape here.