BJF Transmental Couvre x Chefs Nehza Records
BJF Transmental Couvre x Chefs Nehza Records

PREMIERE: BJF – Volcano (Nehza Records)

For the new Nehza Records compilation, DJ and producer RONI has invited 11 artists to interpret telepathic communications from nature in sound waves

Nehza Records, the label run by DJ and producer RONI, will release its new compilation Transmental this Friday. Following on from Nehza XXIII released a few months ago, this is the fourth V/A from the Paris-based label.

The tracks that make-up Transmental follow an idea conceptualised and thought up by RONI: to explore telepathic communication with animals and plants through the sound waves and (low) frequencies of eleven artists worldwide. Club-oriented though, the compilation brings together the likes of Leese, RHR, Slack 1ne, Burna, Lia Catreux, DJ Fucci and BJF (among others). It oscillates between bass music, breaks, techno, rave and other experimental club music.

Ahead of the release, Nehza Records entrusted us with the track ‘Volcano’ by the irresistible BJF, which you can listen to in this article. The Parisian producer imagined his track as an analogy to the geological characteristics of a volcanic mountain. Like a volcano, ‘Volcano’ has two phases: the first where the energy gradually builds up and the tension mounts, followed by a second phase of chaos and urgency corresponding to the eruption, where sirens and unstoppable percussive sequences follow an impeccable drop. “The track is mainly inspired by the syncopated music of British and Western clubs (…) but the title is also a nod to the most emblematic landmark on the island of my ancestors,” explains BJF.

Nehza will be celebrating the release of Transmental in style this Friday at La Machine du Moulin Rouge with Colombian label TraTraTrax for the Quartiers Rouge party. Get your tickets on RA.

Pre-order Transmental on Bandcamp, out on 3 May on Nehza Records.