rizoma budas piedra leviatan dntfck cesar ch couvre x chefs
rizoma budas piedra leviatan dntfck cesar ch couvre x chefs

[PREMIERE] Chef Du Jour : Rizoma – “Leviatán” [DNTFCK]

For its 4th release, Mexico-based record label DNTFCK presents Rizoma, a producer from Toluca, Estado de Mexico. Budas de Piedra is the very first EP from the young art student, key member of the  TAU collective.

Rizoma’s work is an experimental approach towards a hybrid club music, made to turn the dancefloor into a spiritual space.

All across Budas de Piedra, the Mexican producer gathers in a cohesive way samples of political speeches, grime and reggaeton variations, impacting melodies and incisive percussions. The result is, without a doubt, a relevant answer to contemporary questions about club music and its interpretation in any given context.

Recalling other producers from the Latin American scene like Imaabs or Moro, Rizoma redefines dance music with an approach of his own. The rhythm is almost cinematographic on each track, sometimes suggesting a liberating utopia, and sometimes an apocalyptic scenario. A duality that the producer explains this way: “It’s important for me to question pre-established structures”.

Budas de Piedra will be available on the  30.10 on the Bandcamp of DNTFCK. Listen to “Leviatán”, an exclusive excerpt:

Translation by Brice.

Rizoma on SoundCloud, Instagram and Facebook.

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