Chefs Du Jour : History of Colour – “Calidoso”

Chefs Du Jour : History of Colour – Calidoso

History of Colour is a duo composed of Argentinian Barrio Lindo and Englishman (currently residing in Mexico City) El Búho. After a first project released by ZZK Records in 2014, the duo is back once again to follow up to their Andean rhythmic exploration. Just out on Shika Shika, their EP Calidoso brilliantly plays with electronic and folklore, marimba and organic samples, and proves in just a few notes that its name perfectly defines it: calidoso is a Colombian expression that makes reference to a person good at what she did and appreciated by others. The Ecuadorian Nicola Cruz‘s work on mastering is quite natural and perfectly complements the work of Barrio Lindo and El Búho.
Only available in digital for now (Bandcamp link below), please take a look at the crowdfunding campaign to help finance Calidoso vinyl, right here.

Traduction by Ryan Lavoine.