Couvre x Chefs presents : Anything But Noise #2 and gives you tickets ! [event]

For this second Anything But Noise party in Nancy (France), that we are really proud to be a partner of, L’Autre Canal (the gig venue) will have the great pleasure to receive some active members from the French rap collective La Fronce. If you have never heard about this crazy team since last summer, this means that you don’t care about the French rap scene, or you have changed galaxy during a (long) spring. La Fronce, aka one of the biggest French rap collectives that have ever existed. Omnipresent on the social networks (in fact, they are integral to the popularity of the movement), La Fronce are a combination of the new French rap scene, the older who have come back in the game, the future hit makers, dj’s and producers etc… everyone implicated in the hip hop movement. You should check out their Facebook page, we would give you their latest news, but between now and the moment that you will read it, certainly we will be too late !

Lastly, anyway, Anything But Noise is skilled to organise this event, and we hope we will see a lot of you there, wriggle your caps !

For this, we ask you again to send us your best Couvre x Pix (= a picture of you carrying a hat, or you and your friends, your grandmother, your cat or whoever you want… but your need to give value to the cap !), and those with the two best pictures will each receive one lovely free ticket to go to this event that is set to be insane! Send the pictures at before next thursday at midnight, and we will send us your tickets by mail quickly !

Facebook event with all the informations >> here.

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