dites safran dill dodos recifs couvre x chefs
dites safran dill dodos recifs couvre x chefs

PREMIERE: Dites Safran – Foual (Dill Dodos Recife)

Nantes producer Dites Safran explores Trap and its Dub potential on the Lyon label Dill Dodos Recife

Previously active under the aka Berg jaär, the Nantes producer Dites Safran now wishes to explore the possible hybridizations of electronic music in a more personal way. A thirst for experimentation that the producer quenches between self-produced releases on his Bandcamp, his Vroöm show on Radio DY10 and collaborations on compilations like Egregore.

His new EP is called Tuning Boa and will be released on the Lyon label Dill Dodos Recife (DDR). In this release, Dites Safran mainly focused on the exploration of Trap, particularly its Dub potential. An authentic sound patchwork mixing organic textures, and glitchy, atmospheric or downright radio transmissions, Tuning Boa presents a raw and uncompromising landscape. Minimalist, vigorous, and wild, the aerial peak time energy of the EP makes it match perfectly with the dub vibe present in DDR’s catalog.

Dites Safran

Ahead of the release, the label entrusted us with the title “Foual”, which you can listen to today in our columns. A heavy five-minute psychedelic and dubby track, “Foual” is an enveloping and decisive piece with palpable tension whose energy is underlined by voids and other echoes.

The digital release will be accompanied by a cassette as well as a handmade bag designed by Lucien Vantey via his Lore brand, all in very limited editions.

Pre-order Tuning Boa by Dites Safran on Bandcamp, upcoming release at Dill Dodos Recife on September 14th.