Edward X Past Tense Couvre x Chefs
Edward X Past Tense Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Edward X – Past Tense (Yulan)

North American producer Edward X merges dissonant sounds to create his own emotional harmonies

Edward X is a North American producer and musician who explores visceral and emotional sound. A newcomer to the club music scene, he will release his promising debut EP Past Tense on April 12. Composed of three tracks, the release oscillates between club-ready rhythm and ethereal melodies.

“Beautiful, emotional harmonies made from dissonant sounds”, is how Edward X describes Past Tense, a fusion project that will resonate both live and through headphones. With a rather melodic background, the producer gradually opened up to more experimental music, thus growing his interest in the abrasive sounds and textures that influenced the sounds of this EP.

In order to announce the release of the project, Edward X entrusted us with the homonymous title “Past Tense”, listening today in our columns. The melody, the basic point of composition of the piece and its true backbone of it, was designed by experimenting with the vocoder of the Ableton software. The title is anything but linear, you never know what universe the producer will develop in the next measure, and we naturally go from an epic drum tool to a literally deconstructed club atmosphere, punctuated by unstoppable trap rhythms in the sound. apocalyptic design. Endowed with great musicality and unmistakable club potential, this first extract announces a solid first EP for Edward X.

Past Tense is out April 12 on Yulan, follow Edward X on Bandcamp.