fucklacreme slikback beat machine couvre x chefs
fucklacreme slikback beat machine couvre x chefs

PREMIERE: FUCK!LACRÈME – Liesss (Slikback Remix) (Beat Machine Records)

Visionary Kenyan producer Slikback’s remix for Italian collective FUCK!LACRÈME is a concentrate of unstoppable raw energy

FUCK!LACRÈME is an Italian collective of 5 long-time friends, DJs and producers, sharing a passion for alternative sounds and TR-808 basslines. Combining beatmaking, sampling, production and mixing, they have developed their own sound signature, at the crossroads of modern black music (jazz, soul, hip hop) and other avant-garde breakbeats derived from Chicago footwork. Their first EP, FLAC! Vol 1 was released in 2021 on Czech label Aeronema Records, followed by FLAC! Vol 2, released by the Italian label Hyperjazz Records in 2022.

Determined not to stop there and to continue experimenting with the latest mutations of contemporary club music, the collective announces its third project, BLOC CHAIN, coming to Beat Machine Records. On this one, FUCK!LACRÈME obviously draws on their footwork, juke and bass music influences, but this time adding hardcore and industrial ingredients.

Composed of heavy bass lines, aggressive sounds and fast rhythms, this new delivery from the Italian collective takes the listener on a dark and intense journey. Deliberately oppressive, the release seeks to embody collective liberation and the energy of rave parties. An atmosphere that fits impeccably with Slikback who was chosen to remix the single “Liesss”, and whose rereading we reveal in this article. A real time bomb, the remix from the visionary Kenyan producer is simply unstoppable.

Pre-order BLOC CHAIN by FUCK!LACRÈME on Bandcamp, released October 13 via Beat Machine Records.