k1ra cerebralis majia couvre x chefs

K1RA’s dark and hard-hitting EP driven by psychic phenomena

The next release from Houston’s label Majía is an EP titled Cerebrális, the work of New York producer K1RA.

Cerebrális – “Cerebral”, in Spanish – consists of 5 tracks aimed at illustrating, musically, different states of mental health. The EP thus evokes several psychic phenomena ranging from disconnection to collapse, via illusion and decompensation, before ending with mental reconstruction.

An interior journey that the artist expresses via experimental, hybrid and inhabited music, tinged with incisive club reminiscences. K1RA here reveals an ultra-personal, sensitive universe, full of emotional layers, ghostly pitched vocals and defragmented Latinx club rhythms. Oscillating between contemplative illusion (“Severed”, “Ascent”, “Collapse”) and raw energy released sparingly (“Mental”, “Immortal”), we never really know what will happen the next second: if an unstoppable dembow or guaracha pattern will take over, or if the emotion of the title will just trigger a shower of tears. This feeling of apparent calm with underlying power hovers over the whole of Cerebrális and is what gives the EP all its singularity and depth.

Dark and impactful, it fits very logically into Majía’s carefully constructed catalog. To top it all off, the EP features a remix by label manager Royo, who infuses the track “Immortal” with Jersey Club and Ghettotech influences, turning it into a powerful club banger.

This new EP from K1RA follows his debut on TAR in 2021, as well as several deliveries of club edits which you can enjoy on his SoundCloud. The New York producer was also present on the massive compilation Seven released last September on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the Majía label. K1RA also curates his Warped Sensory Imaging residency on Radio Alhara.

Cerebrális by K1RA is released on December 22 on Majía, follow the label on Bandcamp.