couvre x tape 28 konga konga bazzerk couvre x chefs
couvre x tape 28 konga konga bazzerk couvre x chefs

Couvre x Tape #28 – Konga Konga (+ interview)

Konga Konga is a producer and DJ based in Nancy (France). After a first EP in 2013 at B.YRSLF DIVISION, he is now signed as an artist on the BAZZERK label, which has strongly participated in the recognition of kuduro outside the Angolan borders. Encounter with Konga and his mix, Couvre x Tape # 28, now playing.


Couvre x Chefs | Tell us Konga Konga, how did you find yourself, living in Nancy, to release an EP on B.YRSLF Division then a title on a compilation of the label BAZZERK, in the middle of kuduro, batida and taraxxo living legends such as DJ Nigga Fox, Nidia Minaj, Lycox or DJ Marfox?

Konga Konga | I just found myself one day creating a Twitter account and a SoundCloud account. I often posted tracks with SoundCloud. Without knowing much, I produced pieces that had a rather logobi sound. At this time of my life, I had no knowledge of this scene. I did not listen to a lot of music and I produced tracks to amuse myself. It’s almost by chance that Crabbe contacted me and asked me to send him tracks rather than posting them on SoundCloud. Progressively, there were pieces that came out more than others. We made a mega compilation of tracks and then made my first EP (NDLR: Naturalism EP, released on B.YRSLF DIVISION in 2013). It was a time when I learned a lot of things from a musical production point of view and I was able to take my marks on musical currents. Anyway, it’s a great advantage to have an artistic director like Crabbe without wanting to advertise for him or what.

For the track on the BAZZERK compilation, it was a track in reserve that Crabbe put on because it had to stick with the rest.

Konga Konga Bazzerk press 01

Konga Konga, at the grocer’s.

CxC | BAZZERK, is the label of Jess & Crabbe, two big names of French touch (among others), who decided in 2011 (maybe even before?) to place all bets on kuduro and electronic music resolutely turned to rhythms from Africa. What is your view on this label and what are the benefits of working with them?

KK | It’s very rewarding to work with them because you learn billions of tips and tricks. You learn a lot about yourself and about the world around you. What I draw from it is a very strong experience from a musical point of view but it is not only that: there are strong ties that have been woven between us.

I think all this has influenced my way of working and as a rule all my relationships with other humans.

All this has fallen in the midst of one of those phases of life when you are full of desires, full of ideas and full of pre-conceived opinions (see transition from adolescence to adulthood). I was able to produce a super maxi which I am quite proud with the help of very good producers and artists (Jess & Crabbe). I had a lot of fun and learned a lot: it made me happy and maybe a bit smarter.

O Pântano Dos Perigos from Konga Konga, from BAZZERK FREE BUCKET #2.

CxC | Let’s go back to the origins: what is your path in music?

K2x | My journey in music is very similar to any person of my generation who has touched music from near or far. I listened to discs, I met a MAO software and I made music. And I enjoyed it very much so from there I had a lot of fun.

CxC | How would you define your musical research as a producer?

Konga Konga | I just want to express myself in one way or another but by concealing my thoughts. I could have done drawing, writing books, making sculptures with matches or bungee jumping. But it fell on music because I felt that I had more affinity with this medium of expression. I think it’s more suited to my personality.

CxC | Tell us a little about the mix you’ve made, what can we find, why this selection …?

2xK | These are things that I like listening to and that seemed relevant to mix.

konga konga press 02
Some Konga-vitamins for the hard Nancy winter.

CxC | Which projects or labels do you find hot at the moment?

Konga | Well listen, I think it’s been a little miserable for a year and a half. There are few risks that are actually taken.

I really expect new ideas that will recreate a new musical scene and allow to attract new people on the electronic music ship.

I find that the current scene is restricted because it remains on trends that begin to age more or less well. There may be an identity crisis of the labels.

The labels no longer have the same function and their usefulness can be questioned because the processes of creation, production and distribution have changed and I find that at the moment we feel it very much.

I want to point out that it’s just my personal impression, that I am part of this current scene that I criticize. I just want that to change.

CxC | What are your upcoming or ongoing projects?

Konga Konga | I have quite a bit of music in my bag, I’ve been interested in dancehall lately, I want something that makes more club even if I do not really go there, I’m a great sentimental (Konga laughs). I will release an EP shortly, it is almost finished and I have other projects more or less mysterious like the party’s P *** e C *** b in Nancy, and also make pieces a bit Heartbreak (I’m a great sentimental (Konga laughs again).

Naturalism EP from Konga Konga, released on B.YRSLF DIVISION in 2013.

English traduction by Ryan Lavoine.

Konga Konga is on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Facebook and Twitter.