llanamour LL❦ bank music couvre x chefs
llanamour LL❦ bank music couvre x chefs

LL❦ composes the French hybrid R’n’B of the future

In late 1962, on the screens of the ORTF (french’s older version of television) the show “while waiting for their coach” had a blessed moment. Françoise Hardy sang “La Fille Avec Toi” and from that moment, never again would French pop music be the same.

In 2010, a strange, introspective and experimental album was released : Alizée’s “Une Enfant du Siècle”, accompanied by all of France’s electronic chic. It was without a doubt, the most beautiful incarnation of a genre that hardly exists in France: electronic pop.

This summer is LL❦‘s turn to be in the spotlight. Close to French rapper Jorrdee and the French hip-hop revival, as much as R’n’B french touch, he released Bank Music in 3 volumes. We decided to share the B.A.N.K.R.O.O.L clip to celebrate this amazing triple release.

First reason is, because there is a really cute cat in the clip. Second reason, and most important one is because it is a beautiful killer track. Heavy production, road trip version, peri-urban countryside area vibe, sensitive lyrics, what strikes the most is the singularity of LL❦’s work.

Without focusing too much on the beautiful track and clip or on the first releases of Volume 1 of Bank Music, I would rather like to insist on a rare and essential element to step into the world of LL❦ which is the next release entilted Volume 2, which has two stunning and beautiful tracks: “T’as vu” and “Tire”.

Something is happening within LL❦ which is a mix between naïve art, ignoring any style borders, french pop and internet r’n’b. Something that gives a particular strength to his productions, a “naive” force, a “sensitive” force. Naive especially, because there is something extremely simple in his work, simple and also touching as much in the texts as in some productions.

Paradoxically, this seeming touching naivety is also the driving force of a very dense intensity in these productions.

To summarize a little, LL❦ probably produces one of the most beautiful hybridizations of today’s r’n’b. As much pop as hip hop, r’n’b, and sometimes even trap in the instrumental part. Hybrid influences to make them in a kind of simplicity, a kind of very bare gesture, which rests on an almost fragile posture and a really beautiful writing.

LL❦ now writes the hybrid R’n’B of the future, with a special mention to “T’as vu” which is a kind of love pop R’n’B masterpiece , delicate instrumental, perfectly hesitant voice, smart lyrics, probably one of the most beautiful emotion track sung in French this year 2019.

LL❦ is one of those rare moments of graces that music still offers us, it has something fascinating and tense, a strong emotional density. And for that, we urge you to follow step by step the release of volume 2 which will come very soon, and a volume 3 of Bank Music which also seems very attractive and which includes instrumental tracks signed by the boss King Doudou.

Sweetness, naivety and emotion, here are the precious ingredients of this brand new release by LL❦, which you should listen to with great attention.