Maxwell Simons Beat Machine Records Couvre x Chefs
Maxwell Simons Beat Machine Records Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Maxwell Simons – Pipoca (prod. Big Space) (Beat Machine Records)

Between reminiscences of Brazilian funk and bewitching club rhythms, Maxwell Simons immerses us in his nocturnal wanderings through a narrative album

After several months of narrative construction, Italian-Brazilian producer Maxwell Simons fully reveals his album TURMA 12.00 PM. Made up of Brazilian funk influences coupled with effective experimental club beats, the release takes us on an imagined sonic wander from evening to morning, passing through the different stages of the party, from the club to the early morning snack.

Gradually revealed through singles of key moments in this nocturnal-musical adventure, Maxwell Simons and Beat Machine Records (the label hosting the project) have previously invited several artists to join in the festivities, each bringing their complementary vision to the table via unstoppable remixes: Tatyana Jane, El Irreal Veintiuno, 3Phaz and Eram.

With just a few hours to go before the album’s full release, the label has entrusted us with the distribution of the track ‘Pipoca’ produced by Big Space, which had not been released individually until now. The penultimate track on the project, ‘Pipoca’ is one of the tracks that most embody Maxwell Simons’ distinctive style, combining complex rhythmics with striking melodies. With no stylistic constraints, the track reflects the idea of freedom that remains TURMA 12.00 PM‘s main guiding principle.

Pre-order TURMA 12.00 PM on Bandcamp. Out June 14 on Beat Machine Records.