miss jay transcendence hyperlink couvre x chefs
miss jay transcendence hyperlink couvre x chefs

PREMIERE: Miss Jay – Transcendence (Real Tears Palpitations Flip) (Hyperlink)

French label Hyperlink is kicking off the year with a stunning EP of remixes from the Milan-based Romanian DJ, producer, and blending activist Miss Jay, following a contest launched on her own Discord server

In 2022, so many things happened around here, once again. Going out from a social-distancing era following the pandemic of COVID-19 that saw the whole world being locked up, this past year felt like most people were able “to get back to normal”… However political and social crises were intensified by the Russian war against Ukraine, the morbid acceleration of climate change (dramatically impacting the already poorest parts of the globe) and many other conflicts ongoing in Africa, Middle East, and South America. But between all this chaos, we could thankfully gather together again IRL, and continue the blessing of online exchanges that made so many people collaborate and share artistic ideas from one tropic to another, which lockdown doubled up in some way.

The Romanian-born, Milan operating producer and DJ Miss Jay improved this much-needed domestic confinement by launching her own Discord server, in order to share and discuss with artists all around the globe, hence maintaining human links going powerful, driven by the common purpose of bringing one’s own contribution to the future of electronic music. After interacting through many other artists’ servers as well as sharing ideas, samples, and stems on her Instagram and Twitch profiles, Miss Jay wondered about how to make her own Discord room open to musical collaboration. “And that is when my track “Transcendence” came into play” as she nods herself. Since then, she invited artists who were on her map to use the original tune’s multitrack to reshape it with a remix contest that will later end with this upcoming EP that will be released on the French label Hyperlink at the end of the month.

Artwork of Miss Jay’s Transcendence

Featuring a-rot and Roxas Obliv remixes, the five tracker contains the Transcendence” original take, plus one VIP version from Miss Jay herself, as well as a banging hi time and fastened reinterpretation from London’s own Real Tears that you can now listen to above this present article. The Londoner sped up things and injected some drama into the original vocal samples, by slicing it savagely between overdriven kick patterns that remind both Gabber and Jersey Club, while gunshot sounds and hardcore keys are falling all around as they came from a crystal clear waterfall of acid liquids. Even if the whole track embodies a welcomed club frenzy, inspired by the recent fast-forward tech step revival, it finally ends up with a pop-like piano sequence that brings your memory to the best tragic fights of the Final Fantasy series, where Real Tears used his sound design skills to create a real sense of android drama. Dance your are off, my bots.

Miss Jay’s Transcendence Remixes will be released via Hyperlink’s Bandcamp in digital format this January 25th.