La Muerte – 100% Mexican style Caps ! [Interview]

Couvre x Chefs _ Hey dude ! So to begin with, tell us what La Muerte is.

La Muerte _  La Muerte‘s founders are Pablo Olmedo and myself, Husai Mendoza Perez. We’re working in visual communication and decided to create a brand, following our own tastes. We create and manufacture equally every single of our product.

  CxC _ You claim producing Caps respecting a 100% Mexican style. What actually are your inspirations, your references when designing the hats ?

LM _ Our inspirations come from the Mexican culture, wether it is contemporary or older, and we also play on classical and universal symbols. We decided to use the mexican culture and some classical hip-hop references as our brand trademark. We aren’t really into the current very fashionable hip-hop trends, so we choose to come back to the origins and classics of this culture.

CxC _ How was La Muerte‘s concept born?

LM _ Like we said previously, we want to display our roots and one of the most popular symbol in our culture is death. Not to be taken on a negative sense, on the contrary : death is an unavoidable phenomena for each of us and it is exactly what gives a sense to our lives. Beside, it’s quite famous that death is very respected in Mexico and it even has its own public holiday, El día de los Muertos (same date as All Saints’ Day in some countries, but culturally quite different).

CxC _ What are your upcoming projects?

LM _ We want to develop our product offer, promote the brand and gain some popularity, as, like said before, we actually wish to promote the Mexican culture. And what better way to do it than promoting our own creations ?

CxC _ Where can we get our hands on your headgear offer?

LM _ Currently, you can buy our products by contacting us or via our Facebook page.

CxC _ Anything more?

LM _ Thanks to Couvre x Chefs for this interview and your interest ! We hope your readers will like our caps.

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