Noizy Wilson Properity Era Couvre x Chefs
Noizy Wilson Properity Era Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Noizy Wilson – Chain Riddim (Nü Kvlture)

Serbian producer Noizy Wilson signs a trance ballad steeped in reggaeton and breakcore, taken from his forthcoming EP on Nü Kvlture

After the release of the third volume of the trilogy of compilations marking a new stage for the label, then the launch of a series of split EPs in B2B, Nü Kvlture presents today the new work of its founder: Noizy Wilson.

Entitled Prosperity Era, this new release is the third solo EP from the Belgrade-based label boss. Composed of two tracks, the project aims to explore what lies beyond dance music. It’s an opportunity for the Serbian producer to move away from his role of curator of SoundCloud gems, and to dig into the meanders of club music in order to extract new alloys and other sonic alliances.

Ahead of the publication, Noizy Wilson himself confided to us the track “Chain Riddim“, which you can listen to right now in our columns. The track is a progressive and experimental track of more than seven minutes which oscillates between trance reminiscences and ultra-sweet reggaeton rhythm. If the first five minutes remind us a bit of Dinamarca’s excellent album that has just been released, a surprising and well-brought breakcore switch doubles the BPM and offers the track a softly hellish closing on the last two minutes.

Pre-order Prosperity Era by Noizy Wilson on Bandcamp, official release on 7 May via Nü Kvlture.