artwork by zhecon Kmado Unizone Couvre x Chefs
artwork by zhecon Kmado Unizone Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Kmado – SP Superstar (Unizone)

Kmado’s cathartic hybrid album, to be released by Unizone, brilliantly straddles the gap between hard dance, metal, shoegaze, emo and lo-fi

The next release from Czech label Unizone is an album entitled Safeguarded, I’m Everything Beautiful, by Berlin-based Portuguese artist Kmado. Introspective on several levels, the project is the result of a process of self-acceptance and a cathartic plunge into the schizophrenia of its author, who translates this into music by synthesising his roots and influences.

The album is as hybrid as they come, innovative and unpredictable. Blending shoegaze, witch house, hard dance, jungle, metal and chiptune; sprinkled with emo and lo-fi vibes, Kmado takes us into his mind and explains in music what’s going on in his various episodes of mental disorder. Our pre-release extract is the track ‘SP Superstar’, out now. After an emo-punk-rock intro with trap tendencies, the track evolves into gabber mixed with screamo before combining autotuned emo vocals and unstoppable hard dance kicks.

Touching on themes such as medication, psychosis, paranoia and suicidal impulses, Kmado recounts – in his pitchy, autotuned voice – the difficult past episodes linked to his mental illness, before closing the album on a bittersweet note of self-acceptance.

Pre-order Safeguarded, I’m Everything Beautiful by Kmado on Bandcamp, out June 26 via Unizone.