SOMILAT THE REASON Couvre x Chefs Contre Jour
SOMILAT THE REASON Couvre x Chefs Contre Jour

PREMIERE: Somilat – The Reason (Contre Jour)

Combining technical rhythmic sequences and emotional soundscapes, the producer Somilat has announced his first club EP on the Contre Jour label

Somilat is a producer and DJ who recently relocated to Lyon. After a career as an acoustic musician, he launched an electronic music project in which he blends deeply emotional layers with sophisticated club rhythms. His tracks invite introspection, being themselves the fruit of a cathartic, spontaneous and sincere creative process. In 2021, Somilat founded Silence Collapse, a label and collective whose activities (releases, parties, podcasts) aim to act as a catalyst and a space for exchange within the electronic community.

After releasing several singles on his structure, the Lyon-based producer will release his first EP on the Montpellier label Contre Jour. Entitled The Reason and more club-oriented than his previous releases, the EP will showcase a new facet of Somilat, who has drawn on his UKG, leftfield bass, dancehall and juke influences.

Ahead of the release, the label commissioned us to release the eponymous track, ‘The Reason’, which you can listen to in this article. Captivating textures, overpowering subwoofers, ethereal vocals and surgically articulated rhythms give the track a unique, sensitive, catchy and powerfully emotional ambience.

Founded in 2019 by Jon Key (aka Dropout Marsh) Contre Jour confirms its guiding principle of providing a contrasting image of the contemporary electronic scene. For 2024, the label is planning several EPs, a compilation and events.

Pre-order The Reason by Somliat on Bandcamp, out on 5 April via Contre Jour.