Souleance – La Beat Tape

The gourmets DJ Soulist and Fulgeance have just released La (splendid) Beat Tape. After a bunch of very successful EPs, with suggestive names like La Gourmandise (The Greed), Le Monde (The World), Le Plaisir (The Pleasure) and a consequent LP La Belle Vie (The Good Life), the duo keeps making us traveling in a comfy musical universe.

In fact, Souleance is likely to be your friendly Sunday BBQ’s playlist, beyond your house on the coast. The porch chops are roasting, the samurai sauce’s bottle’s on the table, while the two guys are rocking it in a groovy way with some soul and funk samples.

In addition to that, every release from Souleance features the edition of a limited physical version (12” or 7”), which cover’s illustrated by Alice Dufay.

Get this joy moment in digital or physical format out here.

SOULEANCE — COMO ESTAN BITCHES ? from Émile Sacré / vect on Vimeo.