Trueflavers #1 [mixtape]

Amateurs of real flavors, you who didn’t dare going back to French Rap, that time has ended. In 2011 their isn’t only 1995 in the game, and today Couvre-Chefs has decided to put the lights on True Flav Records.

True Flav, it’s a label for everything, and all the quality. Started in 2009 by IV Romain, remarquable beatmaker from the missed crew with deep house sounds Rouge à Lèvres, and father of Deepkho with Killersounds and Grems, True Flav has decided this year to boost its workforce and to marque the french scene with regular releases. May it be by mixtapes, EPs, video teasers or clips, True Flav knows who to bring curiosity, raise the expectation and convince its audience. The label doesn’t stop itself to rap, and goes out onto other music styles, always of good taste.

 Amongst the signed MC’s, comes out the slammeur / rapper from Lyon with the sensible writing Libre Penseur, the charismatic and demanding Ripklaw, the IV Romain himself, and the punchliner and the winner of End Of the Weak (Paris, France and World in 2006) Artik, who collaborate regulary with True Flav. But also the soulman (the true) Jalley and the mysterious combos for hits ChocolatBlanc. And from the beatmakers side the label hasn’t drawn it’s last card : the young talent from the South Every Dayz, the glitched and refined M.Bibal, the polyvalent Diame, the incontrovertible Tayreeb, the house producer Lionel Bertran or even Killersounds are in the game.

Of course we cannot find a epic qualifier for every artist, so we advise you to give an ear more than attentious to their first mixtape Trueflavers #1 (at the top of the article or just after) and fresh releases from this label, that we follow and will talk about again very soon.

Trueflav on Tumblr.

Trueflavers #1