cuntry club matena stelo couvre x chefs
cuntry club matena stelo couvre x chefs

PREMIERE : K-OH – Logdrum Espanca Noia + YA1000 – Pes Ta Naste (Cuntry Club)

Discover a new wave of Latinx post club and dance-ready bangers from the new Paris-based imprint Cuntry Club, honchoed by the French artist & curator DJ Under Arrest

If you read these lines, you already know that this is not a secret that we are involving ourselves as a media, label and musical collective mostly to shine a light upon all that electronic music hybridisation and crossover sounds are about, especially when those sounds are born in the endlessly thinking forward Latino-American scenes, in all their welcoming diversity. Making bridges between intercontinental club music, post-Hispanic rhythms and textures from the most experimental minds is part of our DNA, and when a new project is about to give another vision to this continuum, we are blindly jumping in that tchoo-tchoo train for a ride to the unknown. So now, please brace yourselves to witness some pure cunty and fierce fire from the well-named Cuntry Club label, which just have been launched by the French industrial club and Latin sound lover DJ Under Arrest.

After making her a name on many European stages such as Brussels Nuits Sonores festival edition, Aubervilliers unmissable Station Gare Des Mines or even loads of French local clubs, this must-to-know curator, DJ and now label manager is offering us her vision of what the future of a head banging and queer rave music is all about with a tireless compilation of 24 tracks mostly produced by the emergent Latinx-american scene under the title of Matena Stelo. Bringing talents from the likes of Lou Kessler, Nadsy.i, RAVL, Cimarrón or Imaabs among many others, this first volley of club-ready tracks is pushing boundaries to another dimension of blend, making links between Baile Funk, Perreo, Bass Music (in all its forms), Gabber, Hyperpop, Industrial and Guaracha. Prepare to burn some calories with such a lineup…

Matena Stelo artwork © Arthur Palluy

To give a true sense of all these juicy combinations, we decided to premiere not one but TWO tracks from the above-named project, from the Brazilian up-to-come rhythm prince K-OH (who already appeared on Kaval’s Délices du Midi series or with is own recent EPs Baile Rizoma I & II) and Buenos Aires wonder blender YA1000, known for his shared love for all things Latin club and techno culture. K-OH totally reinvents the Favela Funk tradition to bring it to his most cartoon-esque and visual shape, even using the now classic Amapiano bass elements on his ass-moving « Logdrum Espanca Noia ». The track also contains dangerous sword fight noises popping from EVERYWHERE, so watch out club fairies. YA1000 on his part, gives a true lesson of what the fusion between Raptor House, Donk and Perreo must sound like, in a postcyberpunk era. Bee screams synths and perfectly paned percussions are moulded to let our tympans stay awake from start to finish. Hypnotic sweatiness is all above us chicxs, so put on your platform boots and let’s slide…

Country Club will release their very first Matena Stelo compilation next October 27th 2023, pre-order on Bandcamp.