Mawimbi Vol 2 Ozferti Couvre x Chefs
Mawimbi Vol 2 Ozferti Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE : Ozferti – Silent Runner (Mawimbi)

Witness the dance-ready alchemy of Brazilian Funk, Bass Music and East African textures on this new banger from the French producer Ozferti to be released on Mawimbi’s next compilation

We are pleased to welcome back the Parisian label Mawimbi, as they are now continuing their celebration of a decade-plus of defending an enlarging vision of all sounds coming from the Black Atlantic continuum. This time, with a rich, diversified and plural selection of club-ready cuts coming from a strong bunch of remixers and artists from all parts of the globe, most of them being regular contributors to the French collective’s musical activities for years and on. Namely Mawimbi Vol. 2, this dedicated compilation gathers bands and solo producers who have been central in the development of the label’s hybridization of crossover afro, oceanic and Caribbean sounds with global club beats, such as Anglo-Ghanaian Raz & Alfa or UK supergroup Afriquoi (whom we already talk about in our blog), Toulouse-based Mr. Boom and also Onipa’s main sound craftsman Tom Excell among many others.

Moving from Afro twisted French touch to Kora-infused three-step slow techno, this new volume is a true blessing to the ears of any lover of this solar blend of electronic grooves and traditional instruments which is at the core of Mawimbi’s catalogue since they have started their label activity in 2015, two years after the launch of the collective itself. We are now happy to push further what is clearly the most CxC-compatible tune in the comp, a furious booty bouncer made by French artist Ozferti. His track entitled « Silent Runner », which you can now listen to above the present article, is one hell of a tool for all good global beats deejays, with its superbly syncopated percussions that reminds both Baile Funk and UK Funky styles, overdriven guitars and stereo dubbed East African vocal samples. Linking continents and musical scenes, in only three minutes of a rushy drum-focused madness where Dub, UK Bass and Afro elements are melting into one new mutant club gem beyond any style-defining. Would you like a bit more perc cream on your plate of drum cheese? YES YOU WANNA.

The Mawimbi Vol. 2 compilation will be released next December 8th on all platforms and a limited 12’’ Vinyl edition. Pre-order it on Bandcamp.