Hidden Rhythms VA - ARTWORK Couvre x Chefs
Hidden Rhythms VA - ARTWORK Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE : Soa420 – Made Of Silver (Hidden Rhythms)

The Nantes-based collective Hidden Rhythms launches its label activities with a first compilation introducing the most challenging sounds of French nowadays bass culture

Initially, a monthly residency show curated by founding member Slodki on the local Nantes station Radio DY10, as well as a party series all and around the French West Coast main city, the collective Hidden Rhythms now turns into a label by releasing its upcoming first VA compilation entitled All Pleasure No Pressure Vol.1. Introducing a strong cast of artists that is pretty much repping the whole spectrum of the french bass music emerging scene, from new hardcore lady in chief Lia Catreux to drums experimentalists Modern Collapse or mental dancehall wizard Dites Safran, the album spans bridges between Dubstep, Deep Techno, Breaking Music and the most off-kilter range of club aesthetics.

The compilation also contains a new tune from Athens’s own Ice Eyes and this enigmatic electronic metal creature known as Vina Konda. We wanted to highlight the work of Nantes bass and club culture stalwart Soa420, a core member of the Zone Rouge collective, who is blessing us with a stepping track of Dark Dubstep with some ambient flavors reminding the work of genre masters like Synkro or Gantz. Her track is entitled « Made Of Silver » and you can now listen to it fully above the present article, before the compilation’s complete release at the end of this soft winter.

Pre-order All Pleasure No Pressure Vol.1 on Bandcamp, to be released on Hidden Rhythms on March 29th 2024