sheshe vudufa radio chiguiro elk couvre x chefs
sheshe vudufa radio chiguiro elk couvre x chefs

PREMIERE : Vudufa – Guari Guari Riddim (Elk remix) (Radio Chiguiro Records)

The Peruvian producer Vudufa is back on Radio Chiguiro Records, gathering 4 remixers around his Sheshe EP. We invite you to listen to Elk‘s Brazilian witchcraft!

From Lima, Francisco de Los Heros – aka Vudufa – explores his Afro-Peruvian musical heritage by fusing it with ambient, hip-hop and electronic music. Like his compatriots Dengue Dengue Dengue, Orieta Chrem or Tribilin Sound, Vudufa causes a fantastic collision between machines and Peruvian folklore, also paying homage to the Amerindian tribes of Amazonia, mystical ceremonies and subgenres of Afro-Peruvian music such as marinera, festejo, landó, tondero, zamacueca or toromata. After the tribal South American Loa, the cinematic AfroAmbience and the organic Kuanda, the man behind the demonic pig mask showed up on Radio Chiguiro Records with Sheshe EP. There, he reinforced the singularity of his musical and visual identity, inspired by the rhythms inherited from the Peruvian natives and the African slaves of the colonial era. Almost all of the tracks were named using the dialect of the Palo Monte (or Santeria) religion, of Bantu origin.

Radio Chiguiro Records gathered 4 remixers around this unique EP, also letting Vudufa remix himself under the name Pounda, his side-project. The label already unveiled a catchy club-infused remix of New York producer Au Contraire and another one from audiovisual Mexican artist Ultra K, who added her voice to a magical remix. Before discovering another great breakbeat version from the Peruvian producer Stéphanie Lobstein, Vudufa goes to Brazil to meet young talent Elk.

With his 085 EP, his participation in the ACIL compilation, and 1PLACE4BEATS: Brazil EP, ELK is already a regular on the label. A native of Fortaleza, the 21-year-old producer cooks modern and radiant baile funk from his neighbourhood of Mondubim. Like many teenagers of his generation, Mikael Lucas observes and absorbs the mutations of carioca funk from the age of 14, before discovering other sub-genres of electronic music, in particular dubstep. He also released hard club tracks for the fine labels Love in the Endz, Algol and soon, Fervo Fluxo. Let’s listen to his short – yet intense- remix!

Pre-order Sheshe Remixes by Vudufa on Bandcamp, to be released on Radio Chiguiro Records on April 26th.