[PREMIERE] Candie – Maria De Los Milagros [PAYNOMINDTOUS]

A devotional and euphoric contribution for the collective’s first compilation.

PAYNOMINDTOUS is a Turin-based collective, media website, and a non-profit organization. They have been supporting underground electronic music since 2016 with outstanding live-streams, parties, interviews, guest mixes and features from artists all over the globe.

In their latest move to continue their exploration on unsafe sound territories, they gathered 31 artists and producers from all over the world for We Never Will, their first compilation. For this project, the duo curated a rich selection of aggressive genres, laptop abstract music and hybrid rhythms that take evidence of the wild spectrum that the contemporary electronic scene has been thriving along URL and IRL communities.

‘Maria De Los Milagros’ is the homonymous single that the Buenos Aires based producer and multidisciplinary artist CANDIE provided for the compilation where her distinctive experimental approach on sound design and overwhelming melodies is performed on a rather prayerful cut.

Haunting choral chants are stretched, processed, and reformulated for a hitting blast of percussive ecstasy with futuristic vibes. The technological introspection on CANDIE’s work is remarkable within her contributions as a part of the TRRUENO collective and, for ‘Maria De Los Milagros’, CANDIE assembled a ritualistic piece where synthetic atmospheres collide with mechanical noises and a powerful sound exploration.

This track along 26 more will be out on PAYNOMINDTOUS bandcamp on July 17th featuring artists like Abssys & JLZ, Stasya, Nahshi, Oblinof, Kilbourne and Æethereal Arthropod.

Among the digital name-your-price release, the compilation will include a graphic concept and a purchasable 50×70 cm poster by K095C. All of the proceedings will be donated to B-Side Pride support fund, an Italian liberational movement and initiative to help the LGBTQIA+ community of refugees, asylum seekers, and sex workers to cope with the post-COVID delicate situation.

POSTER, Visual Concept by K095C