Besh Radio Chiguiro 1PLACE4BEATS Egypt Couvre x Chefs copie 4

1PLACE4BEATS, Electronic Egypt in 4 tracks

After Brazil, Radio Chiguiro label is heading to Egypt for the second episode of 1PLACE4BEATS, a new series of EPs that focuses on global electronic music from different regions of the world.

At the beginning of the year, ACIL compilation brought together 49 tunes from 28 countries, to help the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Radio Chiguiro label continues its quest for global electronic music by launching a new series. Each episode of 1PLACE4BEATS focuses on a country or an island, through the eyes of well-established or rising local producers. After a warm kick-off given by four Brazilian beatmakers, the bubbling Egypt is now the center of attention. On this EP, Abdo Keita, Besh, Logical Da9ud, Essperx, and Yunis share their interpretation of an underground scene in motion, inspired by popular Shaabi music and Mahraganat, looking towards the future.

Often seen on the decks behind the icon Shobra El General, Hamza Kenawy officially goes solo under the stage name Abdo Keita. He offers “Howa fi eh? » (which means “What’s going on?”), a mystical introduction, halfway between Mahragan and Acid Techno, two of the greatest influences of Strasbourg-based, Cairo-born artist. With this retro-futuristic scenery being set, we discover Besh, a rising figure from the Cairo underground scene. He is inspired by the audacity of Hip-Hop, the catchy side of Pop Music, and the spirituality of Egyptian folklore to deliver contemporary productions and texts. With respect for the traditions, he delivers two examples of his solid avant-garde style, on the brink of his album release. A real banger, “Gowa el Goyoob” is a little gem of emotional Shaabi Trap, enhanced by the heady voice of his comrade Logical Da9ud. He also offers the brutal and textured “Qad Waradna” pairing with Essperx, who brings an experimental Drum’n’bass dimension to the track. Recently settled in Paris, Yunis joins the line-up with “Matgarabsh, ha! (“Don’t try!”), a heavy and percussive tune far from the synthesizer and Ney flute melodies that he usually proposes. An epic EP that pushes Egyptian folklore into a great electronic future!