Firest 'skin fading' Couvre x Chefs Kaptcha
Firest 'skin fading' Couvre x Chefs Kaptcha

PREMIERE: Firest – Pers (kaptcha)

Raw emotions, unpredictability, and fluidity: Italian duo Firest has announced a highly accomplished debut EP on kaptcha, somewhere between hyperpop and experimental club music.

Firest is an Italian electronic music duo made up of producers Gabriele Dessì and Alessio Bologna. Somewhere between hyperpop and experimental club music, the pair offers a dreamy, melancholy universe that’s already very mature and polished. Synthesizing analog sounds, sensual vocal samples, and glitchy distorted percussion, Firest’s approach to production is meticulous, refined, and solid.

Their debut EP, Skin Fading, will be released on the Portuguese label kaptcha. Emotions and sharp percussion meet in harmony on this deliciously unclassifiable project, which is at times dreamlike and violent, at other times frenetic and peaceful. Gabriele and Alessio told us that each track was born out of a jam session designed to generate contrasting feelings. To do this, the duo creates textures based on melodies and drum sounds, which are then mixed with various vocal samples. After a first track already available to listen to on Bandcamp, we are delighted to unveil the second extract from the EP in our columns today: the epic, danceable “Pers”.

Founded by Ketia, Sasha Theft, Kerox, Quendera, and David, Kaptcha is a collective, label, and artistic platform based in Portugal but connected globally. With a residency at HÖR Berlin, the label publishes the Xenolith series of charity compilations, with proceeds going to Casa-T, Lisbon’s first reception center for transgender immigrants.

Pre-order Skin Fading by Firest on Bandcamp, out 8 June via kaptcha.