A crowdfunging to celebrate Lowup’s 10th anniversary

To celebrate their 10 years of activity, our favorite Belgian record label Lowup Records wanted to do it big. The team is preparing a birthday compilation (about 15 tracks) gathering hi-class producers. This project will come alongside with limited edition merchandise  designed by Tim Colmant,  Lowup’s visual director.

10YRS of Lowup

 In addition to the heads and friends of the label (Max Le Daron, DJ Mellow, Peas & Ozferti), we’ll have the pleasure to hear artists from all over the globe, that are closely connected to Lowup: Kush Arora (US), Major Notes (UK), Jowaa (GH).
On France side, Flore will be on the tracklist, as well as some producers from [re]sources latest compilation Club Hexagon II have been invited to the casting: Tommy Kid, Ytem, Lazy Flow.
Schnautzi (CH), the boss of Swiss/French record label Argent Sale will also be a part of it, as well as the incredible Kid Cala (ES) (who will be our guest on Friday 16 March for our radio show on Rinse France).
The release party will take place next 28 April in Brussels.

However, this wonderful project will only break ground with your support. To receive the compilation with a poster, a tote bag or a colorful t-shirt, join the crowdfunding campaign on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank below.



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