COUVRE x BURGER – The recipe finally revealed !

Here is the recipe, with gastronomic and refined care, by our colleagues from L’Analytique de l’Aliment (The Food Analytic) :

For 4 burgers :

• 1 onion

• 1 spoon of sugar

• Olive oil

• 2 handle of corn salad

• Butter

• 3 spoon of creme fraiche

• Salt and pepper

• 1 handle of peanuts

• 4 steaks

• 4 thin slices of emmental cheese

• 4 thin sliced of lard

• and the buns !

The recipe !

1/ First, make thin onion slices and brown it in the olive oil with soft fire, put a small sugar amount until it is quite crystallized.

2/ While that cooks, dissolve corn salad sheets in butter. Once the sheets get softened, add the cream fraiche, salt, pepper. Then, put he whole into the mixor or buy a mixor.

3/ Crush a good peanut handle.

4/ Cook the fresh steak in a very hot stove (bleeding cooking) 1 minute each side, then put a fine slice of fresh emmental on the steack, while praying to make it melts. (Exactly like Abdel Alaoui does for the Black Burger. However, he doesn’t need to pray)

You can make the lardons or the bacon slices roast in the same stove.

At this step, the hardest is made, all the trimming is ok!

While the steaks cooks, make the buns roast a few minutes in the oven.

As of the exit of the oven, sprinkles your lower buns with the corn salad, powder with peanuts, put your cheese steaks, coat with barbecue sauce, cover with crystallized onions, surmounts by a slice of bacon, then close again with the upper bun.

Enjoy your meal !

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