Traversée – Ripklaw [EP]

Here it comes, (released a few weeks ago already, but we’re not famous for our ponctuality, uh ?), the long-awaited EP Traversée from Ripklaw has been released.

Rare are the Noircity’s eminence apparitions on the mic. Rare, yes, but seeing this EP, we would like to see him more often.

Nicknamed the Beast from the East, Ripklaw developed, in a desert full of knowledge and references, a quite personal universe. The claw, (from Wolverine) has just definitively printed the Noircity mark into the french rap game field.

This EP which was shown on the social media a few days before it was published, with no buzz and no trailer could become fast the visit card from the label Noircity.

Indeed, along the 26 minutes of this production, proceed 8 different collaborators, all from (or close to) the french label. And when Ripklaw, who’s the artistic director of the crew, takes the mic for himself, the song necessarily brings the musical identity and the imagination of its creator.

We don’t get into an individual track-by-track analysis, we prefer to leave you the pleasure to discover the surprise by yourself, but just remember that Traversée is kind of out from the usual french musical field, and that Travis Brickman has become one guy to be followed, just like Tayreeb and Nino Ice, whose refrains on Beast and Traversée are really good. Last, the cinematographic writing from Ripklaw is incredibly elaborated, and the posse cut Premier Sang is a high-quality pledge from the whole crew.

Our favorite : this quotation from the Bible transformed into a punchline Pardonnez-leur car ils ne savent pas ce qu’ils font (Beast), as well as Je ne fais pas la guerre, je fais la cour et je fais l’amour ! (Premier Sang) !

Keep it up and coming Ripklaw !