Couvre x Chefs presents CxC Vol. 2

CxC Vol. 2 is our new compilation for which we have commissioned eight tracks from artists who, in our opinion, broaden the scope of contemporary club music’s possibilities. In the logic of the first volume (released in 2019), this compilation gathers members of the collective and guests with whom we have worked during events or on our media (premieres, interviews…).

CxC Vol. 2 is a deliberately short eight-track album format to be listened to in one go, a sonic calling card of the identity of the Couvre x Chefs project and its different directions.

This new compilation also marks the official launch of our label branch.


Rosa Pistola x Hoz x Scarlett – Loco
Sébastien Forrester – Wove
Bianca Oblivion – Respire
Tévéa – Synth Tool
BJF – Tu Tu Tu
Le Motel – Cuica
Næja – I’m Into NFT (Nice Feet and Toes)
Scarlett x O.L.I.V.I.A – Ni la Sangre

Mastering Imaabs / Modos Estudio
Artwork BJF

Stream/download CxC Vol. 2 now on all platforms.

CxC Vol. 2 follows CxC Vol. 1 (fka Plage Club Vol. 1) released in 2019 and featuring King Doudou, Lao, Deltatron, BJF, RougeHotel, Scarlett, Lil Crack, and LaBok.

couvre x chefs cxc vol 2