couvre x tape el irreal veintiuno
couvre x tape el irreal veintiuno

Couvre x Tape #31 – El Irreal Veintiuno

El Irreal Veintiuno – aka Bryan Dálvez – is a producer of Estado de Mexico, the large peripheral region of the Mexican capital. He will release his first EP Poliformo November 5 on Subreal, the label launched a few months ago by Siete Catorce and Amazondotcom.

Active since 2018, El Irreal Veintiuno has quickly built a solid reputation by developing a unique style. His reinterpretation of Latin rhythms such as cumbia, dembow but especially tribal / 3ball guarachero with hardcore, footwork or gabber makes El Irreal Veintiuno a rising value of the constantly evoluting Mexican experimental electronic scene.

Before the release of his EP in a few days, El Irreal Veintuno has concocted an exclusive mix in listening below: the Couvre x Tape #31.

Ruido – ???
Siete Catorce – Comino
El irreal Veintiuno – Nu
El Plvybxy – Rukutu (El irreal Veintiuno)
Alfonso Luna – El imperial
Tyler The Creator – Domo 23 (Siete Catorce Remix)
Ofyerf – El titan del bosque
Brvtus – Homeboy
Clemency – Nova hitch faster
DJ N.K. -Urban Mafia
Cassini – Lemsippin
Gage – Telo (Suda Remix).
Safri Duo – PLayed A live (TSVI Edit)
MC Bin Laden – Tototo (NKC Remix)
Wristboi – Blume
Yayoyanoh – Giik
El irreal Veintiuno – Suadero baila como humano al ritmo del denbow
El irreal Veintiuno – Yuto Nahua
Siete Catorce – Flor de Lirio (El irreal Veintiuno Remix)
El irreal Veintiuno – 160 Frames por segundo
??? – ??? (No recuerdo como se llama)
Conejx – Escorpión
Regal86 – USP.45
Watusi – Para aca ft. Quantumarie
Stas – Falling Feathers
Loris – Plasma
El irreal Veintiuno – Cierto Rencor (Version Agresa)

Poliformo EP from El Irreal Veintiuno is already pre-order on Subreal’s Bandcamp.