Click Collect Lucien Vantey Dill Dodos Recife
Click Collect Lucien Vantey Dill Dodos Recife

PREMIERE: First Epoque, Slowglide & Vina Konda – Droseliane (Dill Dodos Recife)

Hear an epic six-handed action of laser-fuelled & syncopated UK Bass from the occasional trio of producers First Epoque, Slowglide & Vina Konda, with a gentle take on sound design and vocal science, to be released on Lyon’s oddest electronic bird nest Dill Dodos Recife.

The French electronic realm is rushing from all sides, and if you surprisingly weren’t aware of this fact, you REALLY must focus your chakras on how much off-kilter and newly coded music was emerging from tens of cities these past few years. Whether it is for its numerous explorative labels, its risk-taking festivals and venues, or its gigantesque amount of passionate artists, the club scene of France still is inclined to make adventurous outputs. In the midst of all this joyful mess, the alpine city of Lyon, no matter how peasant its techno and house legacy still resonates until now, showed us recently that it was at the core center of sonic innovation and emulation in the most genre-breaking styles of dance activism, with collective or imprints such as Comic Sans Records, the now Marseille-based BFDM, Bardouin Music, Shouka Records, POLAAR… and many MANY more.

But here we are, as the wind blows fresher and our breezing corpses go with the flow, to highlight another weirdos tribe made of two graphic nerds and digging acrobats, namely Césaire roux aka Ramses and Lucien Vantey, and their sound system culture innovative imprint Dill Dodos Recife, shortly known as DDR. Already inflated by a catalog of four bold balloons from enigmatic pilots by the likes of PPC, First Epoque, Vina Konda, and Ramses himself, the label is about to launch its very first compilation of sharply puffed air bubbles under the Click & Collect title. Gathering breathes from Japan skydivers Okayama’s Keita Sano & Tokyo’s Torei, Bristol, and YCO (Aya + BFTT label) affiliate birdman georg-i and Lyon’s own Pilotwings core member Jonquera, this collective effort shows no less than a desire to (ironically ?) add their contribution to “music on demand, disposable tools to entertain the crowds, perfectly following the trends but never breaking new boundaries. Quickly produced, quickly consumed, quickly forgotten […]” as they themselves put it on this new project’s Bandcamp page. Then they end by asking: “Though, if consumerism is nowadays’ standard, why not hijack it ?”.

And we see the trick coming from far, this tickling and in our listener and consumer shoe that pushes us to expect some cultural codes challenging album here… And it’s not, because the DDR duo knows better than anyone that our future on this planet will be also about flying through tons of obsolete sounds, packed with the most sincere desire to have a seat at the innovator’s table, but tragically ending real low on our hard disk abyssal depths and memories of burning party floors. But hey, who cares? And if you don’t already have your daily dose of data bulimia, we invite you to be shredded by this humble collection of six sharped blade moves of deviant Dancehall, vinyl excavating Dub, Footwork-ish mindblower and Techno knife-charming venom. Without. Any. Hear. Resting. Isn’t the purpose of a good consumer to be consumed as well?

Click Collect Lucien Vantey Dill Dodos Recife
Mockup – Click & Collect TAPE SIDE B © Lucien Vantey

Above this article, you can now stream an exclusive bang-a-rang three-way catacomb anthem from this insidious Click & Collect track pack, by the name of “Droseliane”. Modeled carefree by the devilish made-up trio of Paris basement druids First Epoque, Slowglide (who by the way just launched his own Vanishing Point label), and Vina Konda. The latter named also just announced his upcoming multimedia project Ymorem to be presented on the ever-astonishing Simo Cell’s imprint TEMET, both as an album, an exhibition, and a performance. Looking back on the tune itself, you will be surely melted by this witchcraft of harmonized temple vocals, shadow synths rush, and rebounding drum kicks. Draped in a scratching fabric of delayed open hats and laser quest-like noises, for your own guilty pleasure of being red-skinned by such a right dosage of dangerous sound artifacts. Dodos still living somehow.

DDR’s first VA tape & digital compilation Click & Collect will be released next March 1st, 2023, pre-order it via Bandcamp.