PREMIERE: Maxwell Simons – Atacadão (Tatyana Jane Remix) (Beat Machine Records)

Brazilian-rooted Italian producer Maxwell Simons invites Tatyana Jane to remix the final stage of his sonic time-travel project for Beat Machine Records

DJ and producer Maxwell Simons continues to create sonic connections between his Brazilian and Italian roots with his next single, ATACADÃO 07.00 AM. This marks the end of a series of releases, conceived as a journey through time, that the artist has carefully released via Beat Machine Records: WELL 01.00 AM, CLUB 03.00 AM, FUGA NA MADRUGA 05.00 AM.

Each release illustrates a moment in the night, from the before to the after, via the club. Always accompanied by a remix, Maxwell Simons has surrounded himself for the first three highlights with an excellent selection of artists who bring their own touch to his universe: El Irreal Veintiuno, 3Phaz and ERAM. For the series’s final instalment, the Italian producer and his label have invited the relentless Franco-Cameroonian Tatyana Jane.

ATACADÃO 07.00 AM is a truly immersive experience, inviting listeners to immerse themselves body and soul in the music. The original track skilfully blends Techno, Brazilian Funk and Bass Music. To continue the metaphor of the journey initiated by the series of releases, the producer invites us to the post-party snack at 7 am at the market. For her remix, the Paris-based producer draws on her taste for eclecticism and the artistic freedom that characterises her to offer an even more club-like, yet dreamier, version of the original track.

Pre-order ATACAD​Ã​O 07​.​00 AM by Maxwell Simons, out on 14 May via Beat Machine Records.