Entrañas Ostinado Le Ciel Records Couvre x Chefs
Entrañas Ostinado Le Ciel Records Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Entrañas – Incertidumbre (Le Ciel Records)

Ecuadorian producer Entrañas’ dark Latin Club Music hits French label Le Ciel Records

After Jo Capïsh’s effective EP Marmaille, the label based in Royan and managed by Sevenbeatz, Le Ciel Records, already presents its new release. This time it’s an EP produced by the unstoppable Ecuadorian producer Entrañas entitled Obstinado.

Composed of four tracks and a remix produced by the label’s boss, Obstinado combines rhythms ranging from Dancehall to Reggaeton, including Kuduro, Brazilian Funk and typically Ecuadorian genres: Bomba and Albazo. The title of the EP makes direct reference to its author. Having no plan B, this one intends to succeed in music, or “die trying”. Given the activity of Entrañas, whose tracks run on USB keys worldwide, and the releases and mixes come out on the best labels of the moment, we can only see that success is more than on the right track for the young producer.

“Obstinado” [person] Who remains excessively firm in an idea, intention or opinion, generally
unsuccessful, without taking into account another possibility.

Before the release of Obstinado this Friday, the label entrusted us with the distribution of the title “Incertidumbre”, listening now in our columns. The title takes up the rhythm and minimalism of Brazilian funk by adding a definitely dark side, club, and even tinged with sub-bass dubstep. Relentless!

Entrañas is a true explorer of contemporary electronic music. In his sound work, he combines Latin American rhythms with ambient, grime or even bass. Far from the “Latino” clichés, the producer shows the dark side of the continent he represents and has built a sound that bears witness to his Latin identity and Ecuadorian heritage.

Pre-order Obstinado by Entrañas on Bandcamp, to be released on Le Ciel Records on September 1st.