PREMIERE: Vina Konda – Metazoo (PHO BHO)

Implacable sound design and bass-heavy thunderbolts from the enigmatic producer Vina Konda on his upcoming EP for the Turin label PHO BHO.

Technologic psychedelia in its most distorted shape. This sentence could embody the whole musical career of the yet-to-know mysterious artist Vina Konda, whose sonic goal seems to be grabbing us into his world of undefined fictional audio landscapes. Whether his music is thought of as bass and guttural odyssey into intestinal territories like the EP Osseus Labyrinth on gboi & sleek fata’s label Comic Sans Records back in 2021, or a matured exploration of his own teenage hood cultural obsessions (like Warhammer playable figurines, neo and doom metal and Y2K video games) through his recent LP Yromem for the Simo Cell’s imprint TEMET; it is always a journey that calls for active listening.

After going deeper into Metal & DIY robotic aesthetics he both cherished since being a child, even rethinking his live performances with the inclusion of shred-style guitar playing or working with an engineer to conceive an automated drumming robot, Vina Konda is now back to the “club” music area with a forthcoming five-tracker entitled The Exit Screen Leads To Nowhere, due to be released next February 20th 2024 on the Turin based label PHO BHO. Spanning bridges between bass-heavy rhythms, surgical sound design and detailed science of creating synthetic objects, this new opus sees him following his audiobsession for crafting hearable artefacts that could be taken from an obscure 3D animated series, polluted by a hard-to-define fauna of sonic creatures. Using his voice as raw material to give an organic sense to all this living musical machinery, he leaves behind the potential melancholy of the nostalgic-driven Yromem LP to impulse our bodies into a twenty-minute electronic trip blending elements of EBM, UK Bass, IDM and Broken Techno.

Before the EP releases in full mode next month, you can now hear Vina Konda’s track “Metazoo” above the present article. A rushy ride of four to the floor sub-bass and estranged animalistic melodies (even re-sampling this now legendary Navi fairy noise from the Zelda series). The track switches between quite tender synth landscapes to fierce moments of drum-driven arrangements, with a sonic lexicon that is closer to an oppressive bestiary than a proper set of frequencies and notes, reinforcing this sentiment of being surrounded by imaginary and virtual creatures that could have escaped the above named Metazoo. The season of killah bees is now officially opened.

PHO BHO will release Vina Konda’s The Exit Screen Leads To Nowhere on all platforms next February 21st 2024, you can already pre-order it on Bandcamp.