Sinreaw Gin&Platonic Couvre x Chefs
Sinreaw Gin&Platonic Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: Sineraw – Pure Feelings (Gin&Platonic)

Italian producer Sineraw’s next release on Gin&Platonic is a “wild ecosystem of scientifically precise sounds”

Sineraw is the musical alias of Francesco G. Gagliardi, intrepid Italian producer, creative coder and also dedicated pasta connoisseur, as the Gin&Platonic label told us on which he will release his next project: Mimetic Fauna.

Along the 9 tracks that form the release, Sineraw immerses us in a “wild ecosystem of scientifically precise sounds”. Articulated around trap beats, experimental club structures and ethereal melodies, the sound fragments that make up each track accumulate in a surgical way. Between field recording samples and digital sounds, Mimetic Fauna sometimes looks like a soundtrack and demonstrates Francisco’s talent as an avant-garde club sound designer.

Our extract before the release of the EP is the title “Pure Feelings”, listening today in our columns. Split into two parts, the track first opens on a minute of progressive syncopated and sharp rhythms before imploding and being reborn in the form of a nocturnal trap dotted with club reminiscences.

The titles of Sineraw’s Mimetic Fauna occupy a regular place in the sets of the members of the Gin&Platonic label, a platform which since 2016, as a blog and then as one of the most important labels in the Czech Republic, has been making the scene shine. contemporary experimental club around the world. Before this EP, Sineraw was able to contribute to various compilations, form the Hyter project with Noumeno, and also collaborated with Antonia TM from Ashida Park in addition to releasing solo projects such as the soundtrack of a video game or an album through CLAM.

Pre-order Mimetic Fauna by Sineraw on Bandcamp, upcoming release at Gin&Platonic on August 6th.