pvssy hannah lee couvre x chefs
pvssy hannah lee couvre x chefs
pvssy hannah lee couvre x chefs

PREMIERE: Hannah Lee – Healing (PVSSY Remix) (Pronoia Souvenirs)

PVSSY signs an irresistible guaracha oscura remix of Los Angeles ambient artist Hannah Lee

Hannah Lee is a producer, sound artist and DJ based in Los Angeles. Their work explores the introspective and corporeal possibilities of music and sound in general. Using sound textures, electronic organs, field recordings and other white noise, Hannah Lee’s music takes the listener on a sonic journey that oscillates between melodic noise, ambient and psychedelic evocations.

Their latest EP, Transiciones, was released in March 2023 on Pronoia Souvenirs. One year on, the artist has announced Transiciones Remixes, with three brand new versions that take the original tracks completely out of context and offer them to a new audience. Following versions by Hermetics (Colombia / Argentina) and Mala Fama (Ecuador), the third and final remix we have the privilege of unveiling today is by PVSSY. The Guayaquil-based DJ is one of Ecuador’s leading producers, and a regular contributor to Entrañas, with official releases on the crème de la crème of Latin Club labels ranging from TraTraTrax and Caballito to Santa Sede and Hypersonics – to name but a few.

“Healing (PVSSY Remix)” is no exception to the producer’s exploration of the deconstruction of characteristic Latin American rhythms. She builds on the layers of the original track by adding a darker dimension – typical of PVSSY – and an unstoppable guaracha rhythm, making her remix devilishly catchy.

Artwork by Sophie Greenspan.

Pre-order Transiciones Remixes on Bandcamp, released on 21 March via Pronoia Souvenirs.