XXIII king kami kelman duran Couvre x Chefs
XXIII king kami kelman duran Couvre x Chefs

PREMIERE: King Kami – Vem M Instigar ft. Bieu (Kelman Duran Remix) (XXIII)

Lisbon’s rising star King Kami invites Kelman Duran, Rosa Pistola, or even Pedro da Linha to remix her latest track released on the Portuguese label XXIII

The unstoppable Portuguese label and crew XXIII enriches its catalogue with a solid release with a breathtaking tracklisting: Vem M Instigar (Remixes), featuring contributions from Kelman Duran, Rosa Pistola, Rastronaut, Pedro da Linha, Eram, and Tabu. Known for their excellent series of compilations, XXIII released the original track “Vem M Instigar”, produced by King Kami and Bieu, on Volume 11, released last November.

King Kami is an emerging producer based in Lisbon who, through her music, combines her Brazilian roots with the contemporary club scene. During the elaboration of the aforementioned compilation, the artist submitted to XXIII the original title oscillating between three genres that make a lot of sense historically: electro, Miami bass, and Carioca funk.

If “Vem M Instigar” has already done well, XXIII told us, its author and resident of Music Box (a club in Lisbon) has decided to double the effort by inviting the impressive selection of producers mentioned above to revisit the track.

Ahead of the release, the Portuguese label entrusted us with the remix by Californian Kelman Duran, which you can listen to in this article. For his version, the renowned producer and NTS resident has reoriented the track towards Carioca funk, hammering the emblematic rhythmic throughout. It also features his inimitable cinematic touch, somewhere between field recording, ambient and experimental.

The artwork is by Raquel Peixoto.

Pre-order Vem M Instigar (Remixes) on Bandcamp, official release on April 21st via XXIII.